Portable Digital X-Ray Imaging

Our staff uses the Acu-Ray by Sterne Medical. All X-Ray images are instantly viewed on screen, and are sent securely to our radiologists for reading within minutes. Digital DR X-Ray means no more repeat trips and no more waiting for reports. Images can be viewed by Physicians and other caregivers online via our secure web portal found on this website.


Bone Density


Technology brings bone density testing into the realm of the everyday office practice. Numerous clinical studies show that ultrasonometry of the heel using Achilles is an economical, reliable alternative to DEXA for fracture risk assessment.
Achilles InSight lets you offer osteoporosis testing to your patients as part of regular health assessment. Testing is simple and fast. You get immediate results that help you counsel patients and make sound treatment decisions. And you can monitor treatment compliance.


Echocardiogram & Doppler Studies

Our ultrasound testing is performed with state-of-the-art GE equipment. Ultrasound procedures include Echocardiogram( 2-Dimensional and M-Mode), Artierial and Venous, carotid Doppler vascular studies, abdominal (gall bladder, pancreas, liver, and spleen), Abdominal Aorta, Breast, Prostate, Renal, Thyroid and Scrota. Our Sonographers are the best in the business and are credentialed in multiple modalities through ARDMS and CCI.



Holter Monitor

Allied Mobile X-Ray uses the GE Mac 1200 EKG machine. This machine has been a medical industry reference standard for many years. Due to it's light weight and portability, it was an obvious choice for us as our reference standard as well. The GE Mac 1200 will hook up fast and easy with little or no discomfort to the patient and even provides an instant printout of the EKG including a computer generated interpretation for the doctor's personal instant review. Every EKG is interpreted by a licensed board certified Cardiologist just to keep the computer honest. All of our highly trained and certified Radiologic Technologists are equipped with a GE Mac 1200. EKG services is performed just as fast as our portable x-ray services.



GE MAC-1200
Acu-Ray by Stern Medical
GE InSight Achilles